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Jalebi It is natural to be a little surprised to hear this word on Vedic Science page, but the reality is that Jalebi is a part of our culture which is a very tasty dessert along with a medicine which is also very beneficial, so today we will talk about Jalebi some interesting and rare information.

About 90 percent of the worlds do not know the cultural and English name of Jalebi? In the morning Jalebi's breakfast is very different and considered as healthy breakfast.

What is Jalebi?


A small quote “Knowing that zigzag can also be sweet”, Jalebi an example of this is quote.
Jalebi's Jala Jala. It is called Jalebi because of the excess of water element in Jalebi. The human body contains 70 percent water, so eating it helps to fulfill the water. Jalebi has also been described as a curative medicine. Hot jalebi is the best medicine for skin disease.

Jalebi In English | English name for Jalebi | Jalebi Translation In English?

Jalebi's Indian name is Jalavallika.Jalebi in English I English name for Jalebi I Jalebi translation in English is called Sweetmeet and Syrup Field Ring. Kundalini in Sanskrit, Jilbi in Maharashtra and Jilapi in Bengali. Jalebi's Bhide is also written in Veda.

Jalebi Juda - hairstyle a fashion trend.


Women also make "Jalebi Juda" with their hair. Jalebi Juda hairstyle is very famous in India in wedding seasons. You can also try making this Jalebi Juda hairstyle it is the best look on saree. Look beautiful in party.

How to eat Jalebi with different combination?

India has many states with wide Varity of culture, so there are different types of tasty dish served according to their culture and state. In Bengal served with cheese, Bihar with potatoes, Uttar Pradesh with mangoes, MP in Baghelkhand-Rewa, Satna, there is a huge trend of eating Mawa's jalebi, somewhere there is also the prevalence of rice flour and urad dal Jalebi. In the rural areas, we eat breakfast of milk-Jalebi.

Jalebi, has various form like one and a half rings, two and a half and three and a half rings. Grape granule Jalebi , kulhar jalebi is made round in texture, etc.

Jalebi means?

Jalebi is made up of two words. Jal + ebi , Jalebi means that it removes ebi (impurities) of water located in the body. It is helpful in awakening the Swadhisthana Chakra by increasing spiritual strength, accomplishment and energy in the body. Eating Jalebi burns all the disease, defect of the body.

Jalebi is also known as medicine.

Jalebi is made up of two words. Jal + ebi , Jalebi means that it removes ebi (impurities) of water located in the body. It erases the aches and dropsy in the body. The composition of Jalebi is like the Kundalini Chakra in the body. Those who wish to show light should always eat Jalebi for breakfast in the morning, who wants to connect with God, and then eat Jalebi.

From the chest of Aghori.

Aghori saints recommend eating Jalebi regularly in the morning for spiritual accomplishment and Kundalini awakening. Jalebi, composed of all these things, flour, water, sweet, oil and fire, is the abode of the five elements. By eating Jalebi one gets the blessings of Panchmukhi Mahadev, Panchmukhi Hanuman and Panch Phanwale Sheshnag.

To burn and your Aib (dosha), you should eat Jalebi regularly. Jalebi khava with hot-sugar syrup for the relief of Vata-Pitta-Kapha i.e. Tridosha, with yogurt on an empty stomach in the morning, to avoid Vata disorder - mixed with milk and to get rid of Kapha.

Jalebi is also a preventive disease.

• People who are suffering from migraines, migraines, do not drink water after dipping in 2 to 3 jalebi syrup on empty stomach in the morning before sunrise, all kinds of mental disorders are destroyed by the use of jalebi.
• It is a miraculous medicine for patients suffering from jaundice. Eating in the morning pandurogism goes away.
• Those who have problems of leg injury or skin breakage should consume Jalebi continuously for 21 days.

The Ayurvedic herb Jalebi.

Ayurvedic herb Jungle Jalebi wild fruit destroys stomach and brain diseases. It is mentioned in Bhavprakash Nighantu - Jungle jalebi khavai, sorrow and sadness eradicate. Jalebi khaj jagat pati pavai! Jalebi eaters should follow celibacy duly. "Go to Jalebi rasa" "So curse yourself till we get married in Ayurveda." It is instructed to keep. Benefits of Jalebi. If people get entangled in the kuddhan, they feed the animals with jalebi. Because there is peace in the mind, the body becomes chaman and the body is our homeland, otherwise it all falls down.

The Proverb of Jalebi.

“khaaye jalebee bano dayaalu
tahi cheenhe nar koee.
tatpar haal-nihaal karat hain
reejhat hai nij soee.”

Means eating Jalebi generates kindness, generosity. Identity is formed. It brings confidence.

“tootee kee nahee banee hai bootee
jhoothee kee nahee banee hai khooaintee
phootee ko nahee banee hai soothee
roothee to bane kaalee kalootee”

Means there is no medicine to cure the person whose confidence is broken from the inside till date. A man who changes again and again does not have a spot. Sufi-saints cannot do well for someone whose fate is broken, who is unfortunate, and if the woman gets angry, she assumes the terrible form of Kali. So the cure for all of this is Jalebi.

” roj subah jalebee khao.
bhav saagar se paar lagao .
khaalee pet kare mukh meetha
vidvaan vaad-vivaad baso de jhootha …..
baaba keenaaraam siddh avadhoot likhate hain –
binu dekhe binu ars-pars binu,
praatah jalebee khaaye joee .
tan-man antarman shuddh hove
varsh mein nirdhan rahe na koee.”

A saint has spoken with Jalebi since time –

“paar lagaave chairaasee se, mat dhooke it aur.”

Means if you consume Jalebi early in the morning, one gets freedom from repeated births. Never see sweets other than Jalebi.

There is a very famous saying that-

“You are straight like Jalebi”

“esha kundalinee naamna pushtikaantibalaprada.
dhaatuvrddhikareevrshya ruchya chendreeyatarpanee..
(aayurvedik granth bhaavaprakaash prshth 740)”

Means Jalebi Kundalini is awakening, affirming, giving strength and strength, metal enhancer, semen, beneficial and satisfying sensory pleasure and sensory.

Jalebi recipe | How make Jalebi

Jalebi recipe looks very simple but it is very difficult to make Jalebi recipe.Jalebi recipe is very simple to make but hard to present in its actual shape and size.

Ingredients required for making Jalebi: -

Grind 900 grams of flour, Grind the urad dal in 50 grams of water and grind 500 grams of flour and add 50 grams of curd and mix in the remaining flour for two days before making jalebi and make sugar syrup by adding about 1 kg of sugar in about 300-400 ML of water. To make Jalebi very tasty, add one teaspoon of lemon juice, and saffron can be added to the syrup.

Invention of Jalebi.

It was not known who first invented Jalebi in the world. But it is the most popular dish of Uttarabharata. Jalebi of India is now an international dessert. Jalebi is a predominantly Arabic word, according to the ancient well-known Halwai Shivdayal Vishwanath Halwai.
Turkish Mohammed bin Hasan "Kitab-al-Tabiq" is an Arabic book written as Jalabiya, the real old name of Jalebi. The method of making jalebi is also described in the 300-year-old books "Khanatkatuhla" and "Gunyagunbodhini" written in Sanskrit.

Nomadic writer Mr. Sharatchand Pendharkar has described the ancient Indian name of Jalebi as Kundalika. He also cites the term Banjare polymorphism and the Raghunathkrit "Bhoja Kautuhal". The method of making jalebi is also mentioned in these texts. It has got the name Jal-Vallika due to being full of Jalebi juice in books like the life of sweet India.
In the scripture "Karnapakatha" of Jainism, Lord Mahavira is considered to be a sweet applying jalebi naivedya.

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Jalebi Bai item song you heard it right, Jalebi is not only world class dessert but also famous in bollywood, many songs are written with the phase “Jalebi” There is a folk one song –
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One of the most famous songs of bollywood from the movie Double Dhamaal in year 2011 is Jalebi bai item song. It was the best item song of the year which got around 5.6 Million views on youtube. You can download Jalebi bai songs from any music apps.

Song- Jalebi Bai
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Star Cast- Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, Riteish Deshmukh, Aashish Chaudhary and Jaaved Jaaferi, Kangna Ranaut ,Mallika Sherawat
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Lyrics- Anand Raj Anand
Music Label- T-Series

Another Latest Haryanvi DJ Song of 2017 is Jalebi Juda Karke Chalungi. Which has crossed 120 Million view on youtube in very short span of time.You can download Jalebi Juda Karke Chalungi songs from any music apps. Starring with Rakesh Tanwar & Anjali Raghav. Sung by Monika Sharma. Directed by Amit Bishnoi. Music Label by Voice of Heart Music.

Song: Jalebi Juda Karke Chalungi
Starring: Rakesh Tanwar & Anjali Raghav
Singer: Monika Sharma
Lyrics: Aurangnagariya (O Gande)
Music: TR
Edit & Grade: Parveen Sword & Amit
AD/AC: Sahil Sherda
Makeup: Dharmveer
DOP: Amit Bishnoi
Supporting Cast: Deepak DC
Director: Amit Bishnoi

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The irony of the Jalebi Movie is that it is named Jalebi, the world famous dessert but is devoid of any flavor. In fact, you will get burn your money. Storyline of the movie is simple and clear “then & now“form. Starring with Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra, Jalebi- is the remake of Bengali film Praktan which means ‘former.’ It is a story of an estranged couple who meet each other on a train after seven years and flashbacks start happening a woman boards an overnight train and gets berth in a compartment with her Ex-lover and his wife.

Full Cast & Crew

Directed - Pushpdeep Bhardwaj
Writing - Kausar Munir , Suhrita Sengupta , Pushpdeep Bhardwaj ,

Cast (in credits order)

Rhea Chakraborty – Miss Aisha Pradhan
Varun Mitra – Dev Mathur
Digangana Suryavanshi – Anu D Mathur
Arya Poorti – Renu
Mahesh Thakur – Mr Pradhan - Aisha’s Father